CURL:: Super Tuesday? More like Stupor Tuesday – WashTimes

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CURL:: Super Tuesday? More like Stupor Tuesday – WashTimes

For those of us who have never been held hostage, now we know what it feels like: Day after day, looking at the same faces, endlessly discussing the same topics, being fed the same gruel over and over.

That is the 2012 Republican nomination contest. Will it ever end? Not on Super Tuesday, it won’t. And that means we’re going into May … and June … and July — maybe right up to the Republican convention.

Ten states will hold caucuses and primaries Tuesday. Some 437 delegates are up for grabs (for comparison, so far, 338 delegates have been awarded). But this time around, Super Tuesday, so decisive in years past, looks like a big fat dud.

Here’s why: Mitt Romney appears on track to win his real home state of Massachusetts, taking 41 delegates. Polls show the former governor ahead in Virginia, with 49 delegates, and Vermont, with 17. That would give him 107 delegates for the day.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a 20-plus point lead in his home state of Georgia, which for some reason boasts the highest prize of the day, 76 delegates. And former Sen. Rick Santorum leads in the polls in Tennessee (58 delegates) and Oklahoma (43, for a total of 101).

So, with just those states, the tally would be Mr. Romney 107, Mr. Santorum 101, Mr. Gingrich 76.

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