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The current dust up about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke, the left’s newest darling, “a slut and prostitute”, is as ridiculous as anything I’ve ever witnessed the Democratic Party and their cohorts, the MSM, try to pull off. Unfortunately they seem to be winning but the real tragedy of the ongoing story is that they’re trying to kick Rush off of Armed Forces Network radio.  The AirForce Times reports that 9000 people have signed the online petition in just one day calling on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to remove radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Network radio, which serves U.S. troops overseas.  The online petition, created March 4 on the White House website says it needs 25,000 signatures by April 3 — one month from its creation — to merit an official response.  As all of you who follow Rush know there is no one in media who supports our troops, quietly and behind the scenes, more than Rush.  I know many of you have family and friends in the military. Let them know that one of their greatest champions is under fire and how they can help.

Armed Forces Radio Network

PLEASE NOTE ** AFRN does not air Rush Limbaugh!!!. He is on AFN – EUROPE which is operated by AFRTS ,email them 


Here is also a way to make your  voices heard in support of Rush Limbaugh.

AOL: 800-827-6364
Carbonite: 877-665-4466
Citrix: 800-424-8749
Go To Meeting: 800-263-6317
Legal Zoom: 800-773-0888
Quicken Loans: 800-863-4332
Sleep Number: 888-484-9263
Sleep Train: 800-378-2337