BARONE:: UNIONS not popular with voters in Michigan | WashEx

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BARONE:: UNIONS not popular with voters in Michigan | WashEx

By MICHAEL BARONE, March 30, 2012 , Washington Examiner


When I first became involved in politics in the 1960s, my home state of Michigan was one of the most unionized states in the country, with 40% or more of voters in union households (i.e., some household member was a union member). Public employee unions were just starting to ramp up their rolls, and the bulk of union members belonged to the United Auto Workers. Today UAW membership in Michigan is much lower and public employee union membership is much higher—and union issues are much more important in state politics and government.


All of which makes very interesting the recent polling done for Bill Ballenger’s Insider Michigan Politics by the polling firm MRG, the exact wording and results of which can be found here. (Ballenger was a Republican state senator years ago, but his views on many issues are considerably less conservative than those of most Michigan Republicans and he wasn’t a fan of conservative Republican Governor John Engler who served from 1990 to 2002.) Bottom line: unions are not wholelheartedly supported by Michigan voters, who in 2010 elected a Republican governor, Rick Snyder, and a heavily Republican state legislature. Highlights of the results:

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