REP. ALLEN WEST fears ‘cultural suicide’ – POLITICO

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REP. ALLEN WEST fears ‘cultural suicide’ – POLITICO

By MJ LEE | 4/23/12 9:17 AM EDT Updated: 4/23/12 11:11 AM EDT

Rep. Allen West warned Monday that reports of the FBI’s training manual being edited to scrap portions considered offensive to the Muslim community signaled an increasingly “one-way street” level of tolerance that could lead to “cultural suicide.”

“We have to understand when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it will lead to cultural suicide and we should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood-associated groups to be influencing our national security strategy,” the Florida Republican said on “Fox & Friends.”

West noted that the report of Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan — who has been accused of the fatal shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, that killed 13 and wounded dozens more — makes no reference to Islamic Jihadism or Muslim extremism, and also fails to mention the suspect’s alleged association with Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki.

“We are making our security situation so vanilla. If we continue to be recalcitrant in identifying who the enemy is, to be less offensive to them, we put ourselves in a bad situation,” West added. “You have an environment of political correctness which precludes these agents from doing their proper job and due diligence to go after the perceived threat.”

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