CARRIE LUKAS:: ‘Paycheck Fairness’ Will Mean a Pay Cut for Men – WSJ

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CARRIE LUKAS:: ‘Paycheck Fairness’ Will Mean a Pay Cut for Men – WSJ

By CARRIE LUKAS, May 6, 2012, WSJ

Team Obama calculates that its road to victory is paved with the votes of women, so the American people are now subject to a coordinated effort to cast GOP opposition to expanding government power as an assault on the weaker sex. But few women view public policy as a battle between the sexes. Women whose husbands, brothers and sons are struggling to find jobs find no comfort in women’s comparatively low unemployment rate.

Next up in the Democratic campaign is the Paycheck Fairness Act, supposedly necessary to achieve “equal pay” for women. Never mind that it’s already illegal to pay women less than men for the same work. Democrats say that failure to support this bill is akin to greenlighting workplace discrimination. In reality, women aren’t the primary beneficiaries of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Lawyers are, since it encourages more litigation, increases potential lawsuit payouts, and makes it more difficult for companies to defend themselves.

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