ELIZABETH WARREN:: Senate Candidate, Marxist Author & Shameless Race Grifter

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ELIZABETH WARREN:: Senate Candidate, Marxist Author & Shameless Race Grifter

Elizabeth Warren’s reign of fraudulent incompetence would be more startling if she wasn’t just a robotic Marxist, simply treading the well-worn path used by millions of other leftist charlatans. But, given the high stakes of her current MA US Senate bid, her addiction to underhanded maneuvering must be exposed. Her Harvard law professorship affords status to continue the progressive dream of demanding crippled Marxist ideals for public policy. Warren bellows for doomed-to-fail socialist policies which have only ever created human disaster. And, as always, this is done in the deified name of the People, despite Marxist ideology always uniformly harming the most destitute.

As the inexplicably blonde-haired, blue-eyed “Native American” Warren cannot produce any hard evidence of her racial status, we must ask: Is she a pathological grifter? (Online Etymology Dictionary defines grifter as a: “confidence trickster.”) Indeed, her entire history is littered with questionable elements. Warren’s greatest hits include a desultory publishing history—partner of admitted Marxists, producing flabby scholarship so anemic other academics described it as unbecoming of even an undergrad. Now, after rejection as Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Czar, she is caught up in another scandal. The sanctimonious, hectoring, holier-than-thou Marxist Warren used a bogus racial heritage to grease the skids into an Ivy League professorship.

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