ANN COULTER: Top Conservative Storylines of 2012 – TownhallMagazine

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ANN COULTER: Top Conservative Storylines of 2012 – TownhallMagazine

Elisabeth Meinecke, Townhall Magazine Managing Editor, Nov 26, 2012  –

We asked bestselling author Ann Coulter to recap the year for conservatives–and she obliged, walking us through the top conservative storylines of 2012.  Read an exclusive excerpt below, and get Ann’s entire recap by ordering the December issue ofTownhall Magazine (you can also get a FREE copy of Coulter’s latest book when you place your subscription)!


From Townhall Magazine’s December feature, “Top Conservative Storylines of 2012″ by Ann Coulter:


In January, Mitt Romney won the love and esteem of all Americans who have ever had to deal with the DMV, the post office or any government office by saying, “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.”

Sandra Fluke

In February, the women of America rose up as one and demanded that Sandra Fluke set aside her law studies to be our spokeswoman. Please, Sandra, we know you have no qualifications to comment on any matter of any importance and how the glare of publicity repels you, but we need you to speak for us!

Described by a longtime Democratic congressional aide as “the least-qualified witness ever to appear before a congressional committee,” Fluke was declined by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee as a witness on a panel of theologians and members of the clergy during a hearing on religious liberty.

But that was only the beginning of Fluke’s “voice” being “silenced.” Next, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi arranged for her to testify before an unrelated House committee, where Fluke demanded that Catholic institutions be required to provide birth control with no co-pay to their students.

via Ann Coulter: Top Conservative Storylines of 2012 – Elisabeth Meinecke.

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