‘INSIDE THE CAVE’ Documents Obama Campaign Tech Superiority over GOP

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‘INSIDE THE CAVE’ Documents Obama Campaign Tech Superiority over GOP


A few days before Christmas, Engage DC, a well respected new media consulting firm, released ‘”Inside the Cave,” a detailed account of how the Obama campaign thoroughly dominated the GOP in the 2012 digital arena through superior management, innovative analytics, and the deployment of cutting edge technologies.

Three world class technologists headed up a team of 300 technology geeks working out of Obama for America headquarters in Chicago, where their laser like focus on digital communications, technology development and implementation, and analytics gave the Obama campaign an order of magnitude competitive advantage over an outmanned and outhustled Romney campaign. One of these three, Harper Reed, the former Chief Technology Officer for Threadless.com, and “king of the hipsters” with his stylized red hair, goatee, and earrings, led the technology division of 50 who created great tools that gave the Obama campaign a competitive advantage. “Inside the Cave” described the four new technology tools his group created:

• Narwhal: Synchronized data from multiple sources to build complete profiles of supporters

• Dashboard: Enabled supporters to connect with supporters near them and take action from home

• Call Tool: Allowed supporters in nonbattleground states to use their home phones to call voters in battleground states

• Stork: Transferred data from vendors to databases for querying

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